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What our guests & hosts say?
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"I prefer the luxury of renting an entire apartment than a hotel room when I'm away on business"
Kirsten, Denmark
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"My holiday home in Barcalona is earning me money when I rent it out while I'm not there"
Isabel, London
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"I rented a room with a river view whilst on a 4 week course in Paris"
Phillip, Canada
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"When I come back to visit my family and friends I rent an entire apartment very cheap"
Michael, Sweden
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"A perfect alternative to hotels and its more suitable for my kids"
Marco, Paris
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"When I'm at my summerhouse I rent out my apartment to help me pay my rents"
David, New York
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"I earn extra money and help others when I sometimes rent out a room"
Jessica, Berlin
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"Our stay on the riverboat was amazing and made us feel like one of the locals on our Amsterdam trip"
Sophia, France
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