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For guests

Find and book unique, affordable places in great areas

For hosts

Rent out your place and earn money, the social way


List your place for free

It's quick and easy to list your place, simply click on the add property button and upload pictures and a description.You can choose your own price or use our price calculator tool on our website.


Recieve a booking

When a booking request has been made on your place, you will recieve an email, which you need to reply to within 24 hours. You can see who has made the request and view their profile before accepting the booking.


Meeting your guest

Your guest will need to be able to get the keys, so it's the perfect opportunity to meet them and show them around your place. It's up to you what type of service you offer your guest but the more helpfull you will increase the chance of a good guest review, which will help you to rent your place in the future.


Recieve your rental fee

Your rental fee is transferred to your bank account 24 hours after your guest arrives. We only take 15% commission from your payment and do not charge yopu anything for listing your property.


Write a review

Share your experience and help others read what you thought of the property. It's a great way to help them make a right choice and enjoy a memorable trip.

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