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Rent out your place and earn money, the social way


Find a place to stay

Find a place to stay Simply enter your destination and travel dates then choose from a list of properties to see more detailed information.

Use the filters to narrow your search and suit your criteria, for example you may be looking for a place with wi-fi internet, balcony or Jacuzzi..

Click on favourites to save the place to find later on.



When you have found your desired place to stay, simply click on Book now and follow the steps shown in the booking process.



Once you have completed the booking process your payment is taken on confirmation, but is only transferred to the host 24 hours after you check in, and are satisfied with everything.


Home from home

Your host will be able to answer any questions you have regarding handing over the keys or special requirements. You can contact them directly or through our secure mailing system on the website.


Write a review

Share your experience and help others read what you thought of the property. It's a great way to help them make a right choice and enjoy a memorable trip.

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